Nawaeb reports smooth counting

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The National, Monday July 9th, 2012

COUNTING for the Nawaeb electorate in Morobe is progressing smoothly and a declaration is expected early this week.
After count 10 yesterday afternoon, MP Timothy Bonga with 783 votes was trailing Yaeng Tahu on 1,089 and Gebob Bayu on 920 votes.
Counting for the electorate started on Friday with the first ballot box from Labuta LLG along the Bukawa coast.
Tahu and Bayu who were from the area, raced ahead on Saturday but seemed to have slowed down with counting now in the Nabak LLG area.
Kennedy Wenge, a former Nawaeb MP unseated by Bonga in 2007, is polling strongly as Nabak is his stronghold.
The 11th and 12th counts were still in progress yesterday afternoon. It is expected that Wenge and Bonga will make some ground when counting resumes today.