NCD education board receives literacy torch


THE CENTRAL Education Board has handed the national literacy torch to the National Capital District Education Board to host the 23rd national literacy week next year, says official.
Central programme manager Joseph Nigona told The National that the torch was the national literacy week symbol that was presented to a new province at the end of each year for them to host the next literacy week celebration.
“The event was supposed to be hosted in September but due to some issues in terms of the event preparation, we had to postpone the event to this month,” Nigona.
He said they had chosen the kundu as their torch symbol as it represented their province.
“When we pass this torch to NCD, they will select their own symbol for the torch,” Nigona said.
“Last year it was hosted by East New Britain and they had their own traditional symbol for the torch when they presented it to Central.
“We could not come up with a report for the events that we hosted in the five districts in Central, so we created a documentary that showed what we had done all through the literacy week.”
Nigona said the purpose of the documentary was for their provincial education board, their partners and other education stakeholders to comment on their achievement and where they would need to improve.