Need to address immoral behavior


WE have had lots of media reports about our immoral behavior.
It is something the Government needs to address very seriously.
Our education system should be used to transform our behavior.
Behavior development is defined by two factors: Hereditary and environment.
Hereditary is inherited from our parents and is in our genes.
What a person does or how he behaves is the character inherited from his/her parents.
Environment has the most influence on development of behavior.
Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari says good values of Christianity need to be installed in our young generation in schools throughout Papua New Guinean.
What really concerns me is who will teach religious education?
I have no faith our commissioned teachers passing out of teachers’ colleges.
Our teachers today are worse than our students and are not ideal role models.
They smoke cigarettes and chew betelnut in front of students.
Some even drink alcohol with students and have affairs with them.
I suggest we engage trained theologians from Christian colleges to teach religious education.

Joe Kin Kaupa