Negligence by concerned Wau authorities

Letters, Normal

THE clash between the Biangais and Goilalas in Wau on Jan 29 as reported in The National (Feb 1) was due to negligence by Wau ward 9 councillor, concerned officers from the Wau urban town council and police.
A youth from Biangai was severely beaten by the Wau town street cleaners after he overturned some rubbish bins.
Luckily, a man from Menyamya came to his rescue.
To get beaten up and fined over a petty incident is ridiculous.
I have personally witnessed on three separate occasions where three men from Watut were beaten up and fined by these street cleaners for littering.
These incidents happened in the middle of Wau town as people stood by and watched.
Those who tried to intervene were swore at and threatened by the street cleaners.
They acted like they owned Wau town.
The street cleaners are not security guards as reported.
They are not employed by a registered security firm or the Wau urban town council.
They are just a bunch of unemployed youths from the squatter settlements who are taking the initiative to clean up Wau town.
They must be told what they can and cannot do by the appropriate authorities on how to deal with offenders.