Kwikila Vocational is the best

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to share my experience at the Kwikila Vocational Training Centre.
The school was established in the 1960s but since then, nothing has been done to upgrade or maintain it.
As a former student, I urge Governor Alphonse Moroi and MP Ano Pala to allocate funds and upgrade the centre for I believe many people can benefit from it.
I have been a farmer for almost a year now and I would like to thank the staff there who are committed in their work.
After graduating with a certificate in computing, basic agriculture and basic office procedure, I joined the National Development Bank.
As your normal village boy, I am proud and happy that I have made it although I am sad my parents are not around to share my success.
Therefore, I encourage those who plan to study at Kwikila Vocational to go there.
You will find that you are being nurtured and will eventually become a successful person.


Steven Vaga
Via email