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NEW Health secretary Dr Osborne Liko wants to ensure that the Government’s health priorities are captured and delivered with the expected outcomes.
Liko, 56, from Finschhafen, Morobe, took over the position yesterday from Dr Paison Dakulala who had been acting in the position for the past 10 months.
He is an urologist and has been in the health sector for 33 years.
“I am a surgeon,” he said.
“I was qualified as a general surgeon in 1994 and I went to specialisation training.
“I qualified in 1999. I specialise in kidney, male and female bladder.”
He has been chairman of the medical board for 10 years.
As a chief surgeon, he looks after surgical services in the country.
He is looking forward to his four-year term as health secretary to restructure the corporate plans of the department and provincial health authorities.
He plans to review health governance laws such as the 1997 National Health Administration Act.
He wants to see the independent internal auditing of health services and policies.
Liko said he would enforce strict six-monthly appraisals of all health workers and base rewards on outcome-base performance.
He urged Health Department staff to work together to achieve goals and objectives.


  • Congratulations Dr Osborne Liko for your New Role in heading the Health Department as the New Health Secretary!!Continue to serve the department, people and the country with God’s fear, love, care and wisdom fruitfully from where Dr Paison Dakulala has left. I hope that you won’t entertain corrupt practices, dealings or favoritisms in one way or the other because ALL EYES ARE WATCHING OVER YOU!! On the other hand, A JOB WELL DONE Dr Paison Dakulala for all your efforts during Covid-19. May God bless you and your families and to those who work closely with you during Covid-19. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

  • Congradulation Doc on your promotion to management.
    Been a physician yourself, you have surely seen the deterioration in our health service over the years of your service.
    Please focus on improving basic health service throughout the country and make sure medical supplies and critical medicines reaches the most remote corners of this nation. May God bless PNG.

  • Do not keep Dr Dakulala as your deputy.
    I hope you are sending him off with the gift.
    He was part of problem.

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