New house boosts morale of health worker

Health Watch, Normal

The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

COMMUNITY Health Worker of the Katangan Aid Post in the Central New Ireland LLG Diven Kunak is confident of delivering a more efficient health service to more than 2,000 people of wards 12, 13 and 14.
A visibly elated Kunak was commenting at the launching of his new house at Katangan village last week where the national government, through the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA), built the house under the Lihir Mine Public Investment Programme (PIP).
Kunak said his work morale had been boosted now that his family would have a better home to live in.
He said he did not have to worry about the environment his family would be living in anymore and could concentrate on serving the people who needed his services.
“In the old house, the roofing iron has deteriorated and has holes, and when it rains, everything in the house gets wet,” he said.
“The louver frames have worn out and we do not have privacy between our children and us the parents because of space limits.”
Kunak said he had five children and space in the old house was a problem.
He said most times he had to sleep near the fireplace to allow his children to have enough room.
He said all of these factors were an inconvenience that affected his work performance.
He said the new house was more spacious, comfortable and attractive.
He said his family was happy and he was ready to deliver health services to the best of his ability.