New magazine promotes peace

National, Normal

The National, Monday 30th January 2012

A NEW magazine, the Niuginean Interpreter, which focuses on advocating change in the country, is working to promote peace and order in society.
Magazine director Amos Kiap said the project was themed “natural order of peace”.
He said the natural order of peace would be aligned with the law and religions in the search for solutions to lasting peace and unity in the community.
Kiap said the magazine was trying to mould and shape the attitudes and behaviour of people in early childhood so that there could be peace within people.
“The project is to tame the sense of people in their early childhood and adulthood when their brains are still void and that can be changed through influence,” Kiap said.
He said the project would foster peace and harmony by targeting children up to 15-years-old to develop their thinking.
He urged the Christian community in the country, non-governmental organisations, government authorities and others to support the project as the country “is facing a huge attitude problem”.