New party, new blood, new path

Letters, Normal

I AM not a political commentator but enjoy following the “progress” of our Haus Tambaran.
I have no links, personally or politically, with NCD Governor Powes Parkop but I like and support his vision to bring PNG forward and build a better tomorrow for us.
It is good that he has launched a new political party called United Democratic Front and I am sure many people will join it.
Mr Parkop will now have a bigger following due to his strong performance over the last two and half years as the governor.
This is the way to go forward for PNG.
We need young vibrant and visionary leaders to save us.
If we want to wipe out corruption and put an end to the old political culture, we have to start today.
PNG needs new blood and good politicians like Mr Parkop and Bulolo MP Sam Basil to bring us forward.

Miamil Kamasua
Laswara, Sinasina