New publication launched in Enga

National, Normal

Report and picture by YVONNE HAIP

A NEW publication to promote transparency and accountability has been launched in the Wabag district of Enga province. 
The publication will come out on a fortnightly basis and is an initiative of the Wabag MP and minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade and Immigration, Sam Abal.
The publication titled Wabag/Maramuni News and Views, also promotes the district’s policy motto ‘Lusim gan na holim sapol’, meaning do away with guns and work the land.
According to the publication’s media officer and editor, Jacob Marcos, it will inform the public about services already implemented and those that would be taking place in the district.
He said it would also inform people on the various projects and funding allocated.
Mr Marcos said this would enable the people to be up-to-date with what is going on in the district instead of harbouring suspicions that funds allocated to their district were being mismanaged.
He said it would also encourage sections in the district office to do their assigned duties on a timely basis so that projects were completed on time.
Mr Marcos added that through this publication, the member responsible would also be informed whether his staff were doing their jobs or not.
The publication is distributed free and copies would be sent to various Government departments, business houses, institutions, organisations and companies.
The publication is printed in full colour on glossy paper, and would be distributed in PNG and abroad.
Advertisements would also run free of charge in the publication.