New radio studio set up in Goroka

Highlands, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The ATprojects, a non-governmental organisation based in Goroka, has set up a new radio recording studio that will produce rural development messages which will be distributed freely and aired on major radio stations.
The studio was funded by WaterAid Australia and Oxfam New Zealand with the assistance from the lead singer of Hausboi band, John Faunt, who assisted in the setting up.
Faunt, who is also an expert in the field of sound engineering and musical arrangements, said the setup of the studio was perfect as it was situated in the hillsides, away from the busy Goroka town.
ATproject’s information officer, Verolyn Nombri, said four programmes would be produced every month and would cover a wide range of development stories.
She said the programmes would be produced in Tok Pisin to target the young and illiterate people, adding that the recordings would be also disturbed to schools and other NGOs to be used as resource materials.
ATprojects co-director, Steve Layton said ATprojects was fortunate to have two young PNG journalists who would be working on the programmes to ensure that they were produced professionally in “local” content to capture the local audience in PNG.
“These radio programmes would also be distributed to the donors of ATprojects so they can also see that we are targeting a wide range of rural areas in the country,” Layton said.