New schools in Kabwum will be ready for classes next year


THREE new high schools in Kabwum district, Morobe, will be ready to take in students next year, says district education manager Ezekiel Nigo.
He said the high schools at Yus, Deyamos and Selepat were being built while the Komba high and Kabwum secondary schools started taking in students this year.
“Thanks to Kabwum MP Patrick Basa who has been very supportive in terms of financial support in the education sector in the province,” Nigo said.
He said materials for the schools had been bought and were being delivered.
The district is preparing registration documents in preparation for the new school year.
Nigo said K1.5 million was given by the district to improve education.
The Kabwum Vocational School received K250,000 to build four new workshops for practical and theory classes.
Nigo said only two registered high schools were supposed to receive TFF funding.
The other three are yet to be registered to be eligible for TFF funding.
“At the moment, many students were asked to pay parental support fees and that is where the schools were able to operate from while awaiting their share of TFF funding,” he said.


  • Great intervention for the benefit of our innocent people.
    There should be unity for the benefit of our people.

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