Ngangan tells social media critics to get their facts right


FINANCE Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan says allegations of corrupt payments made against him on social media are defamatory and misleading.
“I am not aware of any such payments and deny outright any involvement, either by myself personally or the Department of Finance, in those alleged payments,” Ngangan said. “The Department of Finance has no record of those alleged payments and we welcome any investigation to ascertain the truth of the matter and to set the record straight.
“Those faceless people making the allegations should get their facts right before going on public forum.
“The allegations themselves are criminal in nature as they are highly defamatory, are an attack on my personal as well as professional integrity and reputation, and of course, all false. I have built my professionalism and personal integrity over years of hard work, commitment and sacrifice and will not stand by and allow ruthless faceless people to destroy it.
“Since my appointment as Secretary for Finance I have committed myself to ridding the department and the public financial management system of corruption and it has been a success story.
“We have, under the leadership of the Minister for Finance, Honourable James Marape, and myself as Secretary, undertaken major financial reforms which have set the basis for an open, transparent and effective financial management system.
“These reforms include enactment in Parliament and implementation of the new Public Finances Management Act, introduction and establishment of the Integrated Financial Management System, enactment of the new Procurement Act and enactment of the Public Monies Management Regulation.”