NGO group inspires young to speak out

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The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 A NON-governmental organisation is carrying out a “clean generation campaign” aimed at inspiring young people to speak out, take responsibility of their lives and make better decisions.  

In an email announcing the campaign yesterday, The Voice Inc representative Urith Toa said the “clean generation campaign” would be creative, loud and fun-filled.

“It is designed to get young people thinking about their lives, and whether they are on the right path,” Toa said. 

“Our mobile ‘clean ambassadors’ will travel to schools and interested church groups to deliver the campaign message and train others to take the message to their families.”

She said these young people would then take part in a mass clean-up symbolising their desire to be part of a more purposeful, virtuous and honest generation.

“We live in a nation experiencing rapid social, economic, political and cultural change,” she said.  

“Our natural resources have attracted a flood of foreign investment, and have brought the world knocking on our door. Our people in the urban areas are now exposed to new technology and modes of communication, fashion and entertainment. 

“There are the ever-present social problems such as crime, HIV/AIDS, drugs and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse and violence. 

“This is the environment our young people live in,” Toa said.

She said young people needed:

  • To be inspired;
  • To know their significance as individuals in their families, schools, communities, the nation and the world;
  • To be loved, and learn how to love;
  • To be given direction;
  • To create a new culture of positivity and optimism: and,
  • To take a stand and be a more responsible generation.