NHC eyes complaints desk


THE National Housing Corporation (NHC) is working with the Ombudsman Commission (OC) to establish a desk to deal to complaints about the conduct of its officers and business in the country.
NHC would be the second State agency to have a complaints desk established since the Chimbu provincial government established a complaints desk with the Ombudsman Commission.
Acting managing director Kenneth Cooke, after a presentation on Thursday by the Ombudsman Commission with NHC on the establishment of the complaints desk, said it was “very sad” to learn that only one organisation had been running a complaints desk since 2009.
“I must admit that it is very sad to know that only one agency has a complaints desk under the initiative by the commission since 2009,” he said.
“It’s no mistake that we are ranked one of the most-corrupt countries in the world.”
Cooke said NHC had worked tirelessly to clean up the corporate image of the organisation.
“This is the very first time, in my 30-odd years with NHC, for a chief ombudsman to visit us here at the NHC office,” he said. “We have tried our very best under my leadership to clean the organisation.
“We believe this partnership will help us in a big way to improve our corporate compliance and governance as an organisation going forward.
“We want to change what people think and perceive about NHC.”
Dick said Chimbu was one of the best-performing provinces because of the OC help desk.