Nimamar: 91 chase 22 seats

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The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013

 CANDIDATES vying for the 15 local level government wards and the presidents seats of the Nimamar LLG on Lihir Island, New Ireland, have been reminded of the need for responsible leaders to help develop the township.

Lihir LLG manager Robin Brown said responsible leaders were needed if the islanders were to benefit from developments taking place.

“Lihirians need a good life and that comes from quality leadership,” Brown said.

“With a good foundation of mining activities, Lihirians must have responsible and good quality leaders to guide them to find their dream of a good life.”

Speaking at the drawing of names for ballot papers last Friday afternoon, Brown said: “My appeal to the candidates that when they go on the campaign trail, they are not on their own but are representing the dreams of all the men, women and children of Lihir.

“To the voters, carefully choose who you want to vote for because you have four weeks to get to know your candidates before going to the polls.” 

Brown praised the 91 candidates  nominated to contest the 15 LLG wards and seven presidents’ postions.