Niukick wraps up season

The National, Tuesday July 19th, 2016

THE AFLPNG Niukkick programme’s schools grand final matches were held on Saturday at Bisini, with 10 primary school teams that had teams in the Under-12, U13 and U15 boys and U13 and U15 girls divisions.
City pharmacy Limited Foundation project officer Oti Sarufa started the day by presenting a PA system and cartons of water for the teams.
Special guests from the Bomana Correctional Juvenile Centre, along with their correctional officers, interacted with the teams and supporters, promoting community awareness on the negative effects of drugs and alcohol and the positive influence of team sports.
The U12 boys division kicked off the finals with the boys from Sevese Morea Primary School taking on Coronation Primary School.
Sevese Morea 3.0 (18) beat Coronation 2.1 (13) to win the U12 boys grand final.
In the second game, the girls U13 girls final Bomana Primary School beat Boroko Primary School 3.2 (20) to 2.2 (14) to claim the title.
The third final saw St Peters Primary School and Ward Strip Demonstration battle for the U13 boys title, with the Saints thumping Ward Strip 5.3 (33) to 0.2 (2).
The battle of the troops saw Ted Diro Primary School girls beating Taurama Primary 2.3 (15) to 1.2 (8) in the girls U15 final.
The final game was the U15 boys final that saw a combined Pom Tech and Hagara Primary School take on Wardstrip Demonstration.
The two teams showed what it took them to be the grand finalist of the division by playing with intensity and a high skill level.
Wardstrip beat Hagara 5.1 (31) to 1.3 (9) claim the U15 top honours.