No budget allocated to fight and eradicate corruption

Letters, Normal

WHERE is the budget to eradicate corruption?
We are living in a society that is fuelling corruption and billions of kina are unaccounted for every year.
We have a chronic attitude problem embedded in our upbringing that feeds and lives off corruption.
We publicly condemn corruption but privately condone it. 
We think our riches in natural resources will continue to sustain us without consequences.
We are mistakenly underestimating the influences of our actions in shaping the future.
We have developed or should I say invented the art of destroying our own future.
We are on an endless mission to destroy our own country and pretend by making big budgets, all is well and fine.
If we are to prosper, we do not need budgets worth billions of kina.
What we need is to find ways to heal our sick society that is eating up a major portion of the budget.
The government must make budgets to stop corruption.
Otherwise, it’s all nonsense.


Lucas Kiap