No development in Rigo inland

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, May 20, 2011

ROADS, bridges, schools and aid posts or health centres are among the basic development needs in any country.
Whoever is given the mandate to represent the people in parliament must allocate funds to maintain or provide such infrastructure.
Unfortunately, the road network in Rigo district, particularly Rigo inland areas, is horrendous.
The MP, Ano Pala, has failed big time in this area.
Since becoming MP, there is nothing to show in Rigo inland as far as district development is concerned.
The MP cannot continue to turn a blind eye on this part of Rigo.
Recently, I saw some upgrading of roads to Bo­ku, Ikega-Wiga (Komana) and Mt Brown areas.
But the contractors have since stopped work be­cause of funding issues.
The question is why did the MP leave it so late and do it half-heartedly.
Is he clearing the roads so that he can campaign because the general election is just around the corner?
This is the impression for many of us and, to me, that is not development.
If he had wanted to develop Rigo, he would have committed the DSIP funds equally in the last four years on improving and providing basic services and infrastructure.

Rigo Natuna