No more lockdown: PM

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Reports from Parliament by REBECCA KUKU
PRIME Minister James Marape has assured the nation that there will be no more Covid-19 lockdowns and people should learn to live with the pandemic.
He told Parliament on Tuesday that the Covid-19 was here to stay.
“As we go through this year and next year, we have to adjust to the new normal until such time a cure for the Covid-19 is found, because the Covid-19 not only affects us health–wise but also economically,” he said.
“That is why we will not have another lockdown. We must adjust to living with the Covid-19.”
He said there was a community transmission of the Covid-19 with 11 provinces affected.
“We are working with the provincial health authorities on improving our health systems.”
He said Health Minister Jelta Wong would make a statement on the Covid-19 situation later.
“This statement will capture the funding, expenditure and new normal going forward. But we will not shut down our country again,” Marape said.
Parliament resumes today and is expected to sit for two weeks.


  • Our good Prime Minister Bikman markim taim u stap insait lo bel blo mama na yu kamap PM na Pastor wantaim lo displa country PNG. You confirm to us the there were no COVID 19 coming to Our country? Tel the Nation NO COVID 19 but mi giamanm so tok sore lo PNG menmeri.

    • Winsen, stop making foolish and stupid comments! Be rational in your thinking.

      Marape is not God, that he will know what comes next.
      He is a human being like you and me.

  • Thank you, PM for assuring us that there won’t be any more lock-down, How about we most of Public Services who are affected with this Covid-19.. Can the Government impose we public service to withdraw 10% from our Nambawan super savings to pay off our debts with the loan institutions, at least the government is not losing money which that will be taxed as well …thanks

  • When there was no covid 19, lockdown and suffered lot of people.Now when Covid 19 increases in number No LOCKDOW.Really confusing

  • When there was no covid 19, lockdown and suffered lot of people.Now when the Covid 19 increases in number No LOCKDOW.Really confusing

  • Lift current restrictions including the curfew and get the economy functioning again. The economy will collapse completely if current restrictions continue. The cure for the virus will not be available until after 2 or more years if current research outcomes provide any guides. Can PNG sustain current restrictions without further deteriorations for the next two years or more?
    The hospitality& tourism sectors, let alone MSMEs, have suffered severely with loss of business, investment ,employment & income.

  • I believe the PM sought proper advise before making such a bold statement. We are trading our public health with the deteriorating economy. I commend the PM for reaching a decision and though I have my reservations, at least it gives us some direction. However, stricter laws must apply to people breaching the covid-19 protocols. That would be the only thing keep us from a human catastrophe.

  • its a trade off between public health and the economy. Which do you prefer, an economic or health disaster?

  • Now the number of infected cases is approaching 500 so it’s time UN recognises PNG for funding so yeah do away with lockdown….

  • PM suddenly realise he was getting shallow health advice from a bunch of incompetent health experts with a tunnel vision resulting in economic devastation, more miseries and death.
    The cure was worse than the disease.

  • Kindin, you are quite correct here. Half baked expert health advice has been provided to the government this far. It seems to me that our health experts are parroting their counterparts from abroad. Can we provide our home bred medical research that would underpin our clinical procedures and self care on this pandemic, covid 19?

  • PM is doing the right decision and it’s true that covid-19 is here and will stay. It’s up to each and every one of us (leaders, workman/meri,lapun.,yangpla,pikinini,street man/meri,) to follow these two simple rules;
    1. Wear Mask when going out.
    2. Keep your social distancing of 1.5 meters.

    If everyone follows these follows these two rules respectively, the now normal will be a success and every one will enjoy life.
    I know some people are saying it’s the end times, well if that’s true and we were believers of God we have to follow all the rules of the land.

    And those who think that covid-19 is a joke may better rethink and do the right thing.
    Corona Virus is REAL.

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