No need for more amendments to the Constitution

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013

 IN the recent People’s National Congress (PNC) Party convention in Lae, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill indicated that the party will push to have some  segments of the Constitution amended.

I am not a lawyer, but I must state here that this would be a bad move. 

I am not a supporter of the Opposition.

But no MP should support any move that is aimed at undermining the Constitution. 

Why do we need to change it? 

Please tell the public what is wrong with the mama law or any part for that matter. 

Since the Constitution upholds the entire country, it is only proper that the entire country gets a say when it comes to changing it, not just a select few. 

Also, changes can only be done  after  wider consultation instead of just a handful of MPs who, we know well, are puppets. 

MPs represent the people  and should only speak on behalf of the people, not for themselves or  their  party colleagues. 

Any MP who supports such a move should be voted out in the next elections. 

It seems that politics in this PNG has gone wayward and unaccountable . 

The Constitution is there to guide us and we must follow it whether we like it or not. 

It is there for a purpose.

It is not for us to change it to suit one-eyed views and interests. 

I believe the PNC party executives are being ill-advised. 

If this trend of changing the Constitution continues, who knows what may become of  the future  of  this beloved country? 

Prime Minister, be wise and do not tamper with the Constitution. 

We have had enough of politicians changing it every now and then. 

The founding fathers, in their wisdom, designed it to serve a grander purpose. 

Your major concern should be on how to make your government function within the confines of the Constitution. 

Please, focus on making the people of this country wealthy and prosperous, on changing people’s attitudes, on improving public service machinery and on health and education.

There are far more urgent things to do than changing the Constitution which is the only guide you will ever need. 


Peter Andrew Kolip