No one is above the law


WHETHER you are a clerk or a public servant or a departmental head or a politician, you are not above the law.
You are not to corrupt or manipulate the system for personal gains at the expense of public at large.
When it comes to allegations of official corruption involving misappropriation of public funds for personal gain, detectives must take their job seriously and investigate the complaint without fail.
If such is not done, who else will do the job?
From 2018 onwards, any allegations, whether big or small in nature, should be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted based on evidence.
A lot of people who bought properties in Cairns or sent public monies to their own family members’ company accounts are roaming around freely.
The onus is on the office of the Ombudsman Commission, Public Prosecutor and Fraud Squad to act swiftly on any allegation if there is evidence of personal gain.
There must be a stop somewhere.
Those vested with the responsibilities have to step up your game of duty without fear or favor.
This is for the interest of the eight million people of Papua New Guinea.

Galaxy Spencer
Concerned citizen