No point crying over spilt milk, Agiru

Letters, Normal

Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru is just waking up to the reality of the negative impacts the LNG project that he and the Government were rushing and pushing without taking into consideration its broad implications.
It is unbelievable for Mr Agiru to ask ExxonMobil how much of the US$15 billion investment money will remain in PNG.
Apart from that, he is not happy with the K10,000 relocation funds for each landowner of the affected area and urged the developer to use local products for procurements as well as asking the developer to use local contractors.
Isn’t it too late to raise these issues now Mr Agiru?
Whey didn’t he raise these questions before signing the project agreement?
As an elected leader, he has failed to safeguard the rights and interests of landowners and Papua New Guineans in the first place.
Many landowners and Papua New Guineans as well as the media had been speaking out against the shoddy, sneaky and suspicious manner in which our so-called negotiators and developer were pushing this project hastily without proper consultation nor holding transparent discussions at proper places.
We know the negotiations were held in exclusive and exotic places and at odd times.
Mr Agiru must brace for more unjust and unfair treatments from the developer as what he is complaining are just the tip of the iceberg.
His action can be likened to the proverbial adage “crying over split milk”.
If Mr Agiru is genuinely concerned about the interest of landowners and PNG, then why didn’t he protest earlier during the negotiations?
Papua New Guineans are watching closely and will hold responsible all the leaders who became overnight experts in LNG dealings.


Wotekep Kangtekep
Port Moresby