No reconciliation but early campaign

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report “Voters reconcile with Vele” (Oct 4).
I am still wondering how on earth a story like that could end up on the front page.
Such reconciliation activities should be done at the organisers’ own backyard and treated as a private affair.
The report has nothing to contribute or help in nation-building.
It should not have been published.
The event was held purely for self-pride, self-centred and a disgrace for someone claiming to be a leader.
All of a sudden Wari Vele popped up from nowhere and is using the media to tarnish the name of the down-to-earth NCD governor.
What has Vele done during his term as governor?
Some of the comments made by the so-called leaders were baseless and served a handful of people.
You can see what their agenda is and reconciliation is definitely not one of them.
What is obvious is they are starting their 2012 campaign early in their hope of unseating Powes Parkop.


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