No report, court frees suspects

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The National- Friday, January 14, 2011


THE Central Committal Court has struck out a forgery case after no-finalised reports were produced by the police for hearing.

Gorio Dobela, who was charged for two counts of forgery, along with co-accused Dickson Bailand and Frank Esau for one count each, were granted freedom and reimbursement of their K200 bail each after their prosecutor revealed that he had not received further instructions from the trio’s arresting officer.

Magistrate David Yalal made the decision because the case had been continually adjourned for the same reason since the first hearing on Sept 23 last year.

“Failure by the arresting officer has resulted in the case being pending for six months and now I order that the case be struck out and the bail money of the accused refunded,” Yalal said.