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PRIME Minister James Marape says he has “nothing to hide” regarding his involvement in the purchase of two diesel generators from Israel in 2014, when he was the finance minister.
He was responding to Opposition Leader Belden Namah who this week called on police to arrest Marape as well for his involvement in that transaction.
It followed the arrest of former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill last Saturday over the matter. He is now facing one count of abuse of office, one count of official corruption and one count of misappropriating K50 million of public funds to buy the two generators.
Marape yesterday said in a statement he had nothing to hide on the deal.
“It is ironic that O’Neill was locked up by police last Saturday because of a complaint (lodged) by Namah six years ago,” Marape said.
“However, Namah was the first to meet him at the cell (at the Boroko police station in Port Moresby last Saturday) and was all apologetic.
“The worst of enemies are now the best of friends, or so it seems.”
Marape said if he had indeed done something wrong in the Israeli generators deal, Namah did not implicate him with O’Neill when he lodged the complaint with police initially.
“If I have done something wrong in relation to the Israeli generators deal, why didn’t Namah include me in the complaint to police back in 2014?” Marape said.
“Why wait six long years, until after the arrest of O’Neill (last Saturday) to call for my arrest?
“I reiterate that I will not stop police from arresting anyone, including myself, when investigating matters of public concern.
“I am not one to run away from police or avoid getting arrested.
“I have already stated publicly that I will explain in court, as a State witness, my role in this whole saga of the Israeli generators.”
Meanwhile, Marape said yesterday the country was moving forward, contrary to what Namah had been “barking about”.
He said the Government’s first major achievement since taking office on May 29, 2019, was “taking back PNG from the corruption that had affected the country for many years”.
“The change of Government arose from a collective desire to take back PNG from the hands of people who practised greed, nepotism and cronyism.
“It is obvious that Namah sees this change as a threat to his very existence.
“We have taken back PNG from such people.”
Marape said the Government declared the State of Emergency on March 2 “to arrest the spread of the coronavirus in our communities”.
“The State of Emergency ends on June 2 when Parliament will reconvene to determine the new normal or living with Covid-19,” he said.
“Everyone can see what we have done, except Namah.”



  • A lot of MP said that they are fighting for the 8 million people of this country so fare, but now their action seems really different from what they have been arguing for.

  • can all this pointing fingers at each other STOP and some MATURITY PREVAIL.
    In every day media nothing about development or progress of the nation is a subject, but politicians barking at each other like mad man. This types of news every time every day is a sore eye to the readers

  • PM saying “taking back PNG from the corruption that had affected the country for many years”. as if he hasn’t been there all along. Tsk PNG pilicitians

  • Everyone who played a role in this acquisition of the K50 mil genset should be held accountable for with no excuses. We all are know how Paul Tiensten went behind bars so let police do there job without fear or favor. Remember we are all sinners and we cant claim somone to be righteous in the eyes of God!

  • Prime Minister JM came on board around the right time. That change in leadership has made a big difference for the better, relatively speaking.
    Without that strategic change, this country was truly moving towards an autocratic regime with greed and corruption being legitimized. Contracts awarded at inflated price and the list is endless.
    PNG is now for a change experiencing sound leadership under PMJM.
    After him there will still better leaders coming on the scene. Leaders who are not driven by money and greed but by the love of their people and motherland. They will araise a PNG based Nelson Mandela.
    PMJM is the pioneer of that branch of leadership. The kind of leadership portrayed by Mahatma Ghandi and Abraham Lincoln. Selfless leaders who served their people and country with honour and dignity.
    PNG is on the right leadership platform now.
    Michael. M

  • It’s part of reconciliation to the people of Papua New Guinea.In the eyes of God nothing is hidden so better to proclaim and our country must run smoothly.wanbel pasin mas stap Na work bum wantaim.

  • Why personal attack on Namah. He is doing his job as the opposition leader to keep the government in check n accountable. If he does not talk then who will talk n expose these corrupt practices.

  • If it was in Australia or USA or any country of that matter. The whole lot of leaders would have resigned to save their faces and integrity of the office they hold.

  • I would like the PM to clarify what he meant by saying the Government’s first major achievement since taking office on May 29, 2019, was “taking back PNG from the corruption that had affected the country for many years”.

    Can he highlight what are the corrupt things that he had imrpoved.

    The development made by Oneil are visible, roads, bridges, wharves etc… Can the Marape government clarifies what they have achieved on taking back PNG from corruption as he stated while our Tax are still very high.

  • My countrymen and women, please stop playing God and being judgemental. Only God knows everything. Let God be the judge. There’s nothing hidden from God’s all seeing eyes. When God’s time comes, everything will be exposed.

  • JM you said nothing to hide and why did not let the parliamentarian aware of you and PO agreement? That’s worse corruption JM,,,, once caught and arrested and saying nothing to hide that’s boolsheet.. you should let the the public know before signed for purchase generators

    Please PNG leaders enough is enough…. and looking forward to develop our country. don’t be a fool

  • let’s just be humble and respect our integrity and all who are implicated in the whole genset saga and USB loan to step down on all the positions of public office they hold to be interviewed and to prove their innocence in the court of law.

  • ” Oh, Lord. Have Mercy on us your children. Those continuously sinning may one day will reap what they. Let justice prevail. You are the Perfect Judge and the Perfect King Forever. Let your children rule to save this infant nation. We are really sick and tired. We don’t know whom to blame, but thank you for the new PM Hon. JM. We can physically witness the real change within his reign in just few months. God Bless PNG.

  • PMJM receiving your statement in the daily news paper sounds good,but you a luck that you have not involve in the saga but having in mind that time,you were not the alternative instrument for the PM post that time so you can now say that you a not included in the facts finding for this saga before the Fraud,but i wonder if all other cases involve sum of money that have been misused by so call department secretary of all government which involves millions now pretending to be innocent,why are those involve have not face the law yet,how long will we wait for years now so issues are becoming dead issue when conflict of interest arises we try to make witch hunt on specific officers in regard and that not Justices.
    Thank you

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