Nothing wrong with vaccination policy


THERE is nothing wrong with Mainland Holdings Ltd imposing a mandatory Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination requirement on its employees.
As an employer, it should protect its business interests by ensuring that the welfare and health of its employees are secured.
It means the company should ensure that all of its employees are vaccinated.
Let’s consider the following.
The country’s health system is not in a good state and the Covid-19 pandemic has made things worse.
So, this means vaccination is the best option we have.
The Constitution does not grant absolute rights to an individual or entity in Papua New Guinea.
It provides only “qualified” rights.
This means that the guaranteed rights therein can be exercised provided the actions meet specified conditions, which can be welfare, safety or security.
In most PNG cultures, the concept of human rights doesn’t really exist.
You deserve the good or bad rewards for your decisions and actions.
You are neither better nor worse off, with the reward.
In other words, it is a zero-sum game.
Human rights is a foreign concept.
It causes so much confusion in our country today.
Nobody really understands what it means and how it should be enforced.
In business, the business owners are expected make money and pay all of their expenses to continue operating as a going concern.
This is also a requirement of the Companies Act 1997.
A company hires and pays its employees to ensure they make the money required to pay the bills, including the wages and salaries of its employees. This is not possible if the employees are not at work because they are either sick, dead, or are absent because of Covid-19 restrictions. It is a risk to the business and its sustainability.
To be in business, it is a zero-sum game.
The owner of a business has to make money, which is a positive reward.
The owner has to pay the bills, which is a negative reward.
The positive and negative rewards cancel out to zero.
The same is also true for wages and salaries.
A company has to make money to pay its employees.
In the nutshell, Mainland Holdings has made a decision to protect its business interest and the interest of its employees.
There is no wrong in it, and is in accordance with the culture, law and Constitution.
It is consistent with some of the directives already issued by the Pandemic Response Controller David Manning.

Concerned Economist,