Notion of time going fast a lie


THIS is in regard to the general consensus in PNG that time is going fast.
This is not true. Let me explain why.
The Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, once said: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
I know it is ironic coming from him but it’s very true and applies to this situation.
We, Papua New Guineans, have been saying it far too often that we believe it.
Even kids these days have grown up with the preconceived notion that time is going fast.
It is almost impossible to tell them otherwise.
I’m not saying time doesn’t seem to be going faster, I’m saying it is not going fast as we think it is.
It’s just your mind playing tricks on you.
When you were just a child, you perceived time as going at a snail’s pace.
But as you grow older, you perceive time to be flying by.
This is because new memories are stored but when it becomes a repetition, the brain discards it.
This is why you tend to barely remember most conversations you’ve had with your workmates or schoolmates and what you did during a day in the middle of the week.
But you’ll surely remember every word your crush says to you.
You brain decides what information is important enough to be stored and what is not.
This is also one of the reasons why people hate Mondays.
It seems like it slowly drags by.
The brain, after lazing about for two days (weekend) adjusts to the new norm so you’ll remember most things, hence it will seem long.
Come Tuesday and Wednesday, you keep doing the same thing, it’s all repetition, then boom!
It‘s Friday already? Yep.
You just fooled yourself.
Astronomically speaking, the 24 hours that makes up a day is based on one full revolution of the Earth, with respect to the moon.
To put it simply, how long a day is on earth depends on how fast the earth spins.
Now to put the fast-time-belief into perspective, what you are indirectly saying is that the earth is spinning faster than normal.
I’m sorry but this isn’t the case.
If it were, it would be a world issue and a huge talking point.
Nasa, the American space agency, hasn’t said anything about this and neither have the Russians or the Chinese.
Why is it that not one of these people, who live on the same planet that we do, are not saying anything about this except Papua New Guineans?
Just because a lot of people say it doesn’t mean it is true.

Philemon Kaisa

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