NSL plan allows members to access services during Apec


Nambawan Super members in Port Moresby and around the country will still have access to superannuation services during the period of the Apec meetings.
Chief executive Paul Sayer said the week-long Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings should not be an excuse to disrupt or halt services to members around the country.
“A business contingency plan has been executed and is in place to maintain excellent service delivery,” he said.
“Under the plan, our member service and call centre officers are operating from regional offices in Lae, Kokopo and Mt Hagen until the Apec meeting is completed.”
This week sees two high-profiule meetins – the CEO’s’ and Leaders’ summits – in Port Moresby.
Sayer said Nambawan Super’s better and improved new-look, state-of-the-art regional offices and its world-class call centre had been set up to cater for the ability to shift operations.
“Since the start of the initiative, calls are being answered at the regional offices although our members may have been thinking they would be still calling Port Moresby,” Sayer said.
“The initiative is good in the sense that it greatly assists the member service team maintain the service to the members and allows us to test the capability of a truly national fund.”
Some of the significant changes includes an improved call centre where 99 per cent of calls are answered within five seconds.
Generally the requirement is that 80 per cent of calls are answered within the first 20 seconds.
Nambawan Super Ltd is already setting the standard for the benefit of its members.
Regional offices are all state of the art and uniformly well-equipped to offer a complete range of superannuation services, including issuance of statements, processing of applications, printing of ID cards, updating of member details, and attending to all general enquiries. Services from Nambawan Savings and Loans Society is also available at these offices.
Nambawan Super Ltd manages superannuation funds totalling K6.8 billion for over 185,000 members and continues to grow from both the private and public sectors.

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