NSP will stifle progress in PNG

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The National

THE National Strategic Plan (NSP) 2050 will stifle progress in Papua New Guinea.
It is predicated on the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.
The Government is putting the future of PNG in the hands of private promoters of LNG project.
It is obvious from the publicity, the Government’s high profile consultants, advisers and public servants know very little about the fundamentals of the PNG economy.
Our economy is mineral-based.
The Panguna mine closed. Bougainville Copper Limited, the owner of Panguna mine, is still in operation.
It announced profits recently. None of these profits will benefit the Panguna people.
Following the closure of the mine in May 1989, PNG opened more mines and oilfields.
Misima, Ok Tedi, Porgera, Lihir, Tolukuma, Kutubu, Gobe and Moran are among the major resource projects.
Other mines are in start-up stage.
Many of these projects are legally unregulated.
Politics of popularity will continue to blind and deafen our leaders to reality and truth.
Truth is PNG is vulnerable to massive legal suits in future.
The cause is Mineral Resources Authority (MRA).
It has no mandate to regulate mines. No lies and deceits will change this truth.
When miners realise that they are vulnerable to legal suits by landowners for trespass on their land, they will turn on the Government.
That is when leaders will realise that they were ignorant and arrogant to accept good free advice.
The NSP and MRA are terrible twins.
Both started with good intentions.
NSP is about long-term development planning. The intention is grand but its basis is flawed.
No doubt PNG needs long term development plan.
Having its basis as probable revenues from LNG, the NSP will be dictated to by the LNG proponents.
MRA, on the other hand, had very good intention.
It was intended for mineral regulator to be self-funding to provide professional regulatory services to the people of PNG.
But MRA is proving to be a liability.
It cannot enter Bougainville.
Instead it stifled good intergovernmental relations between the National Government and the Autonomous Bougainville Government.
PNG is taken for a ride yet again.
It will not post any profit by investing in MRA and NSP.
Sir Puka Temu is the leader in NA-led Government who must explain the MRA rot and the basis for NSP.
Both the MRA and NSP are Sir Puka’s political pets.
They are not in the national interest of our country.
National interest of PNG is integral human development.


James Wanjik
Port Moresby