PNG needs more efficient leaders like Polye

Letters, Normal

The National

I would like to commend ousted MP Don Polye for showing outstanding leadership within the NA party caucus and at the national level.
He has played a major role in the development of PNG during the time when he served as deputy prime minister.
He held senior portfolios in Cabinet and as the NA Highlands bloc leader. 
This was an achievement for the people of Kandep and Enga.
We are proud of him showing vibrant and outstanding leadership.
Mr Polye never wasted his time delivering services to his people.
The people have trust and confidence in him because he brought many basic services such as roads and bridges, education, health services, agriculture, etc, since he won the 2002 general election.
His critics and political rivals have been working hard to discredit him and now that they have achieved their goal, let’s see how they perform in the by-election.
If these people fail to win the by-election, I suggest they shut up.
I would like to thank Mr Polye for the decision to go for a by-election instead of a prolonged court battle.
This nation needs someone efficient like Mr Polye to make the nation move forward.



Waimin Manase