Nude pictures land mother-of-two in court

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A MOTHER-of-two who allegedly sent nude pictures of herself on her mobile phone to a man has been granted bail while waiting for police to complete their investigation.
Lae Committal Court Magistrate Tera Dawai told Wendy Moewe, 25, from Kabwum district in Morobe on Monday that police needed to provide sufficient evidence if the case was to proceed to trial in the National Court. “If there is enough evidence after police investigation, the case will be sent to trial at the National Court. But if not, then the court can acquit her,” Magistrate Dawai said.
The court extended her K500 bail and adjourned the case to Dec 14.
Police alleged that Moewe:

  • intentionally and without lawful excuse and justification, used an electronic system to transmit pornographic pictures of herself to another Facebook user in contravention of the Cybercrime Code Act 2016; and,
  • used an electronic device to produce six pornographic pictures of herself contravening the Cybercrime Code Act 2016.

Police alleged that the offences were committed on Jan 2018, between January and December 2019 at Kimbe, and on May 18 and 19 this year in Lae.
She allegedly took nude pictures of herself using a phone and sent them to a Facebook user named Joshua Beekay who later threatened her he was going to share the pictures with others if she stopped sending him more pictures of herself.
Police alleged that her husband had warned her to stop contacting the man on social media but she continued fearing he would share her pictures with others.
She was handed over to police by her husband’s family on Aug 26.


  • Very bad idea by sending her nude photo to someone who is not her husband. Showing bad examples to her kids as a faithful mother and to the girls and mothers around her community that she lives and to the nation as a whole. Need to change or else you’ll face the consequences of your hidden motive. Very very Bad indeed!!

  • Why did she send her nude pictures at the first place to another party. Unless it was requested by the other party concern. How did she knew his number to send nude pictures?
    No one person in his/her right mind would send nude pictures unless the other person request for it. The other person should also be question and charge for requesting nude photos from another person.
    Its a two way thing,
    I think every FB users have to be checked, if they are not sending nude photos to each other.

  • Wanem kain Special KAN yu Karim….Bloody Retarded Dumb fool needs a very good lesson in the Prison…Earth has no Place for such iDIOTS…

  • How about those who produce porn videos and pictures and upload into PNG Porn sites. Common police some of those involved can easily recognize and identified for arrest and face the same laws this woman is facing.

  • Is PNG governments right agents taking care of FB users are monitored in our country or just waiting for someone to bring up a complaint in police station??

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