Number of deaths from unrest unknown

Lae News, Normal

The National, Wednesday 16th November 2011

THE peace and good order committee in Lae does not have the correct figures, names and addresses of people who died in the unrest two weeks ago.
At a meeting with community leaders yesterday, it was again stressed to them to quickly provide information so that an updated database could be completed as a matter of urgency.
The committee last weekend presented garden food plus 10 cows and pigs to each of the 10 haus man where young men had gathered at different sections of the city. He appealed to them for peace and to let the matter be handled by appropriate authorities.
The committee and the provincial disaster office are finalising details of those from Morobe who had died so they could be helped with funeral costs.
The committee is committed to repatriating the bodies of  non-Morobeans.
As the situation is still tense, authorities in Morobe are appealing for peace and calm so the city could return to normalcy.
A community leader at Kamkumung village on the city outskirts is calling on the media and news sources to be careful not to generalise areas when reporting on fights and skirmishes.
Theo Aisen said news reports should pinpoint exactly where trouble spots were instead of generalising, saying it was causing anxiety.