OC must not lose its powers

Letters, Normal

THE move and support to weaken the powers of the Ombudsman Commission with an overwhelming 83-0 vote by Members of Parliament is intended to deprive Papua New Guineans.
We, the people, see the Ombudsman Commission as our ears, eyes and watchdog.
We view the move as politically motivated with the intention to promote corruption.
Parliamentarians should come up with new decisions to give more power and teeth to the commission to bite.
Instead, they are trying to remove the Ombudsman Commission’s power.
The Goroka community is behind our brothers and sisters in Lae who are fighting to stop the move to amend section 27 (4) of the Constitution.
I call on Christian leaders in PNG to support the stand the Ministers Fraternal of the National Capital District has taken.
Removing section 27 (4) of the Constitution will allow our so-called leaders to do whatever they want and further deprive the lower bracket of Papua New Guineans.


Philip Solala