Officer charged with gun offence

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The Nationl, Monday 10th September, 2012

A POLICE officer at Kerevat police station, in Gazelle district, East New Britain, was arrested and charged last Thursday for threatening to discharge a firearm at this wife.
Provincial police commander Supt Sylvester Kalaut said last Friday the Criminal Investigations Division officer had been under the influence of alcohol when he threatened to discharge a firearm at his wife.
Kalaut said the officer, Sr Const Joe Martin, had been with another police officer at the Kerevat police barracks drinking alcohol when the incident took place.
It was reported that between 2am and 3am last Wednesday, the officer fired a shot at his dog and woke everyone in the barracks.
He later swore at his wife and accused her of having affairs with other men.
Kalaut said at 5am  last Wednesday, he went into their family room, called his wife in, grabbed her by the neck and pointed the firearm at her.
He said the woman struggled to free herself, pulled the pistol off him and threw it on the floor.
It is understood the wife reported her husband to Kokopo police station later tha day and he was arrested  last Thursday.
Kalaut said he had been arrested and charged with discharging a firearm while intoxicated and threatening to discharge a firearm at his wife.
He said the officer was locked up at Kokopo jail  last Thursday and was refused bail.
He appeared before the Kokopo district court last Friday and pleaded guilty.
The court is likely to hand down its decision this week.