Officers fill senior positions

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The National, Friday July 26th, 2013


TWO executive positions vacant for two years in the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government have been filled after the official signing of contracts yesterday.

Julius Wargirai becomes the deputy secretary for technical advisory and support services.

Dickson Guina is the deputy secretary for performance, monitoring and improvement. 

Both have been acting in the positions since 2011.

Department secretary Munare Uyassi signed their three-year contracts yesterday in Port Moresby. 

The department expects to fully execute its major projects of minimum standards in districts and local level governments, performance profiling of provinces and district facilities and human resource audit.

The projects will be implemented in three years to develop and strengthen service delivery to the people. 

Guina said he was ready to give it his best.

“I assure the secretary and the staff that we will perform 100%-plus to ensure our department becomes a leading department in performance capability,” he said. 

“We are the key link for the government with the people, right down to the wards. Both of us will deliver as required and we need your support to realise the three focus areas.”

Uyassi said Guina and Wargirai were appointed on merit and experience.