Official wants unity to give education a lift


EDUCATORS should unite in their effort to raise levels of education in the province they are serving in, an official says.
New Ireland education committee chairman Graham Lali said this during launching of the 2019 academic year at Kavieng SDA Primary School in Kavieng last Wednesday.
He said challenges today in the province and education were tough, but could be handled when people collaborated in their efforts. “We must gather in meetings such as this and work as a community, as professionals or as children of an extended family,” Lali said.
He said such efforts would place people to better shoulder responsibilities and drive down policies.
Lali said with such efforts nothing would be impossible.
He said success in anything usually started with a person, and that person could influence others to become successful as well.
“The future of New Ireland depends on the provincial government and us all,” Lali said.
“The government will back you up, as it has been doing for years, in providing subsidy-free education.”
Lali reminded educators that a single piece of wood would not create a big fire, as it needed other pieces of wood.
He said in the same way, teachers and officials in government needed one another to improve standard of education in the province.

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