Oil Search sponsors four locals to study in Malaysia


OIL Search has sponsored four young men from its project areas to train at a world class training facility in Malaysia, under the 2019 apprentice programme.
Process technician apprentices Benjamin Kiate, Morris Hoffrey and Jack Kari from Kutubu, and electrical apprentice Kami Jack Putaija from Angore are in Malaysia to train at the Institut Teknologi Petroleum.
“We have already learnt (at the training phase in PNG) a lot of new things in the first few months since we started,” Kiate said.
“It is truly a dream for every landowner to one day work with Oil Search and so it is so rewarding to finally be here as I have achieved my childhood dream.”
The four are with other Papua New Guineans training under the apprentice programme at the institution.
Oil Search developed a pathway into the apprentice programme for potential talent from the Oil Search project areas via the Kumul Petroleum Academy in Port Moresby.
The Oil Search apprentice programme runs for four years and begins with a one-year training course in Malaysia.
The course was designed to give the trainees foundation knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be highly effective in their role.
This year marks a new phase of the apprentice programme with the 12-month technical courses.

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