One religion for country is good


CATHOLIC clergy’s are some of the most learned people anywhere on the planet and their views and teachings are well respected as they are balanced.
However, the current issue of constitutionally making PNG a Christian country not only requires the Catholic clergy’s view but the views of others as well.
Let us look at the history of Christianity to guide us into the future.
The history of Christianity is the history of the Catholic church.
In 324 AD, the eastern Roman emperor, Constantine, became a Christian and ordered all other religions to be abolished and made Christianity the official state religion.
It is because of his actions that today Christianity is the most dominant religion today and the God of Israel today is the God of Papua New Guinea.
We should also look at the situations in countries that have welcomed multiple religions.
Look at countries such as Syria where the president is Christian in a Muslim majority nation.
There is war and strife.
Look at the United States of America today, through the influence of other religions and atheists, they have legalised same sex marriage and abortions, issues on which the Catholic church protests against but ignored by the government of former president Barack Obama because other religions and atheists used the scandals the Catholic church was going through as an advantage to push their satanic agenda.
PNG is unlike other countries and it is frightening to see a future with religious freedom. There will be wars with international religious players involved.
I would rather have my children grow up in a country of one religion where wars will only be fought using the word and not weapons.
It is preposterous if we say that for the sake of unity, we need many because the meaning of unity is one but the meaning of many is more than one.

Mamakin Jef,
Pure Catholic,
Mt Hagen


  • We have to choose between God and Religion. What does the Word of God in the Bible say? Find the true Church of God (not churches that teach man-made doctrines) that teaches the salvation message and live by faith and not by sight.

  • We should only have two religions (Christian & Islam) in the country should be better than any others religions…..
    Islamic people belief in God as Christians do belief in God!!!

  • Your church name wealth will not take you to Heaven. Read study the pure word of God and preach the pure word of God no additions no subtractions, believe, faith and REPENT. Not big name lotu na history blg lotu or church.

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