O’Neill, Namah criticise Marape for taking trip


FORMER Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Opposition Leader Belden Namah have condemned the decision by Prime Minister James Marape to travel to Goroka and Lae amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
“It is beyond belief that with people dying and the coronavirus spreading, Marape has taken time to travel province to province for politicking, when he is supposed to be in isolation after being exposed to infected workers in his office,” O’Neill said.
“The rules that Marape laid out under the new State of Emergency are for everyone including himself. But he has defied these laws and in doing so potentially infecting people from Goroka to Lae while he and his sidekicks were taking a leisurely drive around the country. No one can understand such behaviour at this time of crisis.”
He said police should charge Marape for violating the State of Emergency laws.
No comment could be obtained from Marape yesterday. But Health Minister Jelta Wong said it was vital that everyone followed the 14-day restrictions.
“Everybody knows the rules and it will be irresponsible and selfish for people to not wear a mask,” he said.
O’Neill said Marape himself had advised everyone on Monday not to travel out of Port Moresby because of the spike in the Covid-19 cases in the capital city.
“Then he breaks more of the rules, takes off his face mask, mixes in a crowd of more than 15 people, and carries on fist-bumping people he comes into contact with,” O’Neill said.
“This is the most reckless behaviour that has now potentially exposed hundreds of people in Goroka to the coronavirus.”
Namah said it was disappointing to see those restricting people from moving around doing the exact opposite.
“(Marape) is indicating to the people that there are two sets of rules – one for him and those who accompanied him and another for the people,” Namah said.
Marape and members of the delegation were seen mixing around with people without wearing masks and not practising social distancing in public.
Namah said it was discouraging to see leaders behave in such a manner.


  • I am happy with most of what Marape has done so far however I am not pleased to see him travel to Goroka and Lae given 14 days lockdown restrictions in place. i now agree with other commentaries that all those positive cases in PNG is false and the 2 deaths are caused by other deceases and not corona virus.

  • Politics Play for more fundings to be donated by Donors like USA & CHINA after all this is not corona virus both die from their own disease.My appeal to PM you mentioned to take back PNG,can you come out clear justified the rights of people by not misleading
    PNG please pray for our PM & let God guy him through this epidermic to make the right decision for the people

  • Corona virus has been hyped up by the global media and everyone has come under their spell. Consequently more attention, money and time is being swallowed by this disease. Meanwhile more people are dying from curable diseases everyday because of a weak health service that is begging for government and donor funding.
    We need to take a deep breath, slow down, refocus and reprioritise.

  • Those who trust in God, believe God is Greater than the Corona Virus, if your faith level is Great as Caleb’s, Joshua’s & Abraham’s you can move around without mask, that deadly disease will never ever land on you. do not listen to the what the world is saying, but listen to what the Creator is saying, in this time & season, shaking is taking place to shake those founded on wrong foundation,…. corruption/bribery PMJM your are saluted.

  • No one is above the law, even PNG Prime Minister is under the COVID-19 Act. Hence, if PM breaches the law, then penalties under Pandemic Act must be imposed.

  • Papua New Guinea cried & prayed for change of a new & a better Government.I have seen and wintessed All churches praying and Fasting including general public to see a new Government being formed.Now that you have a new Government inplaced what are we again asking for.Only God alone dismises Old and appoint new Government to facilitate better services to humanity on earth.If we need to change you either wait for VOC next General Elections and decide for a new leader for a new Government.

    God Bless.PNG.

  • Despite some of the goods PMJM has done, PMJM has broken the C19 rules set by himself. SOE commander cant do anything to stop the PM as well as he fears his PC post will be on the line if he does so.
    Also the mysterious private jet owned by a Chinese that landed in PNG. C19 SOE laws were broken.

  • If you were someone responsible for the health of millions of people and you had to carry out your responsibility, what would be the effective way to do this? Laws are not absolute, they are there to guide us…. The laws of ethics allow for PMJM to go to Goroka and Lae to address important issues like COVID-19. He is not stupid, he is tested and knows his medical status before traveling.

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