O’Neill’s lawyer freed

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A COURT yesterday dismissed fraud-related charges against a lawyer representing former prime minister Peter O’Neill because police had failed to complete their case in the three-month period given.
Magistrate Tracy Ganaii discharged George Lau, 40, of Kaipare village, Laiagam in Enga, who was facing charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice, forgery and uttering.
His K1,000 bail will be refunded.
Police alleged that Lau, the principal of Niu Age Lawyers, on Oct 15 last year, was advised that a warrant of arrest had been issued against O’Neill.
He therefore went to check at the Waigani Committal Court.
Police however alleged that Lau had forged the warrant of arrest against O’Neill and filed a National Court case on Oct 16, to obtain a stay order against the warrant of arrest. By yesterday, police still had not completed their file against Lau, so Magistrate Ganaii dismissed the case.
Outside court, Lau raised his concern over allegations
which tarnished people’s reputation.
“It is very sad for police to go after lawyers who are just doing their jobs. A lawyer was arrested for (allegedly) forging court documents,” Lau said.
“It is impossible for any lawyer or anybody to do alterations or forge court documents.
“When court documents are filed, there are three or more (original) documents filed. Different parties have their own copies of the documents.
“These allegations have tarnished my reputation as a lawyer and for the past three months, I had to suffer the consequences of what has happened.”


  • It is the negledence of the case officer. Before a charge is layed, we need to get the facts in order and has to prove beyond reasonable doubt. Otherwise, he will be rearrested. We need to get him to answer to his charges.

  • Bryan Kramer a serial liar and mastermind in all these false statements and allegations must be sued for defamation of character. PM JM must strip his ministry and give it to someone who is more sensible, credible and upright to maintain,improve and uphold the integrity of RPNGC.

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