Only time will tell


IT is six days, from today, before the scheduled date, July 29, for the return of writs.
Papua New Guineans marched to the polls earlier this month (July 4).
Since then, less than half of the seats have been declared.
In fact, it was only less than 15 when we went to press last night.
For some, counting continues with primary count, quality checks and elimination.
The uncertainty in the General Election 2022 is glaring with the many disruptions to the electoral process from fighting to destruction of ballot papers and boxes and petitions from disgruntled scrutineers and candidates.
Many of the disturbances are spilled over the various media platforms.
We appealed for fair play, for restraint, and for respect for one another.
Sir Julius Chan, a surviving leader from the Sir Michael Somare era, says he has never experienced so much “uncertainty” surrounding a national election than the GE22.
“Democracy is not about killing, fighting, robbing or buying of votes.
“That’s corruption at its worst.
“I have not experienced an election such as this with so much uncertainties around it.”
Then we have Dr Allan Marat, leader of the Melanesian Liberal Party, say: “I admit, General Election 2022 was a tough one compared with previous elections in the past 20 years.
“It is the people’s choice and not ours, so accept it.
Marat, as an experienced politician in the district and province, respected the people’s choice and “I will support him on matters of Rabaul’s development”.
“Losing the Rabaul seat does not mean my contributions to the development of my district ends.
“I will always be here to support and back the sitting MP.
“The relationship here is not about who wins and who loses but to be supportive.”
That is true leadership and democracy.
No leader is worthy of the title if he will allow violence and foul play to persist as a precursor to elevating him to the post of Member of Parliament.
Such a leader is no leader and any person who votes for him or her will find out very quickly the character of the person you have voted into office.
Many times we have had people walk into this newspaper office bearing bitter complaints about this leader or that leader on whose behalf they have spent countless thousands and on whose behalf they have sacrificed much pigs and time and risked their lives to vote to office to have find out to their eternal regret that they have voted in a greedy tyrant who will not even acknowledge their presence if they shared the same room.
Choose carefully because power corrupts and power with money corrupts absolutely, even the men or women of God that come near it.
We hope you voted for the person who will work tirelessly on your behalf to make laws and policies in your interest.
Just before going to the poll, the MPs were already fighting each other tooth and nail; called each other names, who wished for one of the other of them to end up in jail with the keys thrown away for doing this and that.
We all desire to turn over a new leaf but we simply cannot forget what has happened in the past.
As political parties start lobbying to support to make the numbers to form the next government, we do hope there will an equal or strong team that will also be in the opposition.