Opposition bent on a vote of no confidence


THE Opposition will move a vote of no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill when Parliament sits next Tuesday, says leader Patrick Pruaitch.
Pruaitch told The National that by the end of this week, MPs “in various camps” will join the Opposition “to make the numbers”. “It will be done when Parliament sits. It is a seven-day notice but anything can happen on the floor of Parliament,” he said.
“We meet on May 7 and we can put the notice on that day.”
There are currently 24 MPs in the Opposition. Sandaun Governor Tony Wouwou was to have become the 25th yesterday but he later said he was not crossing the floor.
Pruaitch said “meetings were being held in various camps”.
“We know what’s happening within the camps which include James Marape’s camp and Sir Peter Ipatas’ camp called Ipu Camp,” he said.
“Towards the end of this week, we will combine our camps. That’s when we will confirm to the country that the government will be changed.”
Pruaitch said “candidates” for the PM’s position were still being discussed.
“We want to invite like-minded Government MPs to join so that a voice can be put to ensure that our country is safe. It is in the interest of our country that we must have a successful vote of no confidence.”