Opposition surprised by plan to defect

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Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti (left), Madang Governor Peter Yama, and New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan in parliament yesterday.

NOT even the Opposition camp was prepared for the drama which unfolded in Parliament yesterday as 18 Opposition MPs joined the Government side.
The 55 Opposition MPs who had been camping together at Vanimo in West Sepik and at a hotel in Port Moresby since the Nov 13 sitting of Parliament had signed the Wutung Accord to pledge their allegiance to what they had agreed to do, including the moving of a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister James Marape.
But all broke loose yesterday and the accord discarded when Kompiam-Ambum MP Sir John Pundari left the Opposition bench and casually walked across to the Government side, amid claps and shouts of “keep on coming”.
Bulolo MP and United Labour Party leader Sam Basil then picked up his bags and followed him. Then Gumine MP Nick Kuman was next, followed by Dei MP Westley Nukundj.
Other MPs to follow were Ijivitari MP Richard Masere, North Waghi MP Fabian Pok, Moresby North East MP John Kaupa, Madang Governor Peter Yama, Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi, Lufa MP Morave Kavori, Wosera-Gawi MP Jospeh Yopyopy, ENB Governor Nakukis Konga, WNB Governor Sasindra Muthuvel, Talasea MP Francis Manake, Kiriwin Goodenough MP Douglas Tomuriesa, Laigaim Porgera MP Tomait Kapili and Raicoast MP Peter Sapia.
Kagua-Erave MP Wesley Raminai had returned to the Government side two weeks ago when they arrived back in Port Moresby from the Vanimo camp.

PM’s apology prompted Sir John to rejoin Govt

AN apology from Prime Minister James Marape for any wrongdoing he might have done while in office convinced Kopiam-Ambum MP Sir John Pundari to return to the government benches yesterday.
Sir John was the first to cross the floor when the House began yesterday’s sitting at around 11am, followed by 17 other MPs who had joined the Opposition on Nov 13.
He explained that he had received a phone call earlier from Marape apologising to him for any wrong he might have done in the past 18 months in office.
“All that has happened has happened. It is a learning curve for all of us,” Sir John said.
“I have experienced a PM who is different and admits his mistakes. He was willing to listen and has lived up to expectations.
“No one deserves any credit for what happened on the floor of Parliament. Your prayers have been answered and his will has been done. You have humbled yourself and said let’s work together for the common good.”
He requested Marape to let God lead.
“The only desire and priority is to give this country a few minutes (to pray). This country is going through issues and we need to go back to putting the country first and putting the space to God in the office of the PM.”
Sir John, the leader of the Liberal Party, said he was not after any ministerial portfolio.

Bulolo MP Sam Basil is welcomed by Forest Minister Solan Mirisim and other government MPs yesterday.

Basil apologises for wasting four weeks

BULOLO MP Sam Basil has apologised for wasting four weeks in the Opposition, saying he is returning to the Government after ironing out “a few issues” with Prime Minister James Marape.
“What you have seen is part of our democratic process (which) sometimes happens to tell the PM that operates under the same law and system that sometimes we don’t agree on things but (he has) to listen to us,” Basil said.
“I say sorry to all (that) we have wasted four weeks. We do not want it to continue for another two weeks.”
Basil said Marape was full of confidence.
“I was part of the group which left (because) we had a few issues. And I am happy that the PM has ironed out those issues and we have returned.
“The 18 MPs have given the PM confidence to govern this nation to 2022.
“We kept an open dialogue. All issues and concerns we have raised to the PM he has taken care of. We are happy to go forward.”
Marape said Basil was among those who had an ambition to become PM.
“Basil or even (Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick) Pruaitch can (try) to be PM,” he said.
“I have always stated that if you lead a political party and have numbers behind you and have policies, you have the right to be PM. We knew it was coming.”

Belden Namah

Namah plans to challenge Parliament events in court

OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah plans to challenge in court proceedings in Parliament yesterday “in the interest of democracy and good governance”.
Namah said there were at least three issues that the Opposition deemed were unconstitutional:

  • The adjournment of Parliament to April next year;
  • The 2021 Budget process;
  • The motion of no confidence filed on Monday.

Namah said they would also challenge some of Speaker Job Pomat’s decisions.
He said the 37 MPs left in the Opposition agreed that Parliament should resume and the democratic processes restored.
“We will not let the prime minister shut down our democracy for five months. We will exercise our Constitutional right to have Parliament sit and consider unresolved business,” he said.
The Opposition had 55 MPs on its side when the 109-seat House met on Monday as ordered by the Supreme Court last week.
They had signed an agreement pledging their loyalty to the team which had been camped for three weeks at Vanimo in West Sepik.
Namah moved a motion of no confidence on Monday against Prime Minister James Marape, seconded by Abau MP Sir Puka Temu.

James Marape

Marape to name new cabinet line-up

PRIME Minister James Marape is expected to name a revised Cabinet line-up today after 18 MPs returned to the Government side from the Opposition yesterday.
“We look forward to restoring a government structure which is truly representative of the diversity we have in our country,” he said.
“We will fill (the Cabinet positions) and restore the government that will take the country into 2021.”
Nine members of Cabinet joined the Opposition on Nov 13 forcing Marape to assign their portfolios to those who stayed back.
He could not say yesterday whether the defectors would get Cabinet positions again although he allowed Bulolo MP Sam Basil to sit in the deputy PM seat in Parliament.
Marape said he would announce a new line-up after “consultation”.
He said the Government decided to adjourn Parliament to April 20 next year to ensure that schools could start smoothly in January.
In February and March, the national census and common roll would be conducted to prepare for the 2022 general election.
“The caucus allowed the deferral to April 20 next year because (we need) to have stability in the first two or three months to get schools started,” he said.
He said leaders of political parties should be given a fair opportunity to contest the 2022 general election.
“I give this commitment to all who are with me,” he said.

Four weeks of sanity paid off as govt numbers boosted in Parliament

PRIME Minister James Marape says what happened in Parliament yesterday was the result of “four weeks of sanity”.
He said the 52 MPs who stuck by him since the defection of some including Government ministers on Nov 13 had been holding the fort well.
“We’ve been in this political contest and today we saw parliament again at work,” he said.
“I thank the people of our country for remaining steadfast, maintaining generally law and order and allowing politicians to play out the political game.
“After four weeks of different locations in as far as our politics was concerned, sanity did prevail today. I thank God for the understanding and commonsense that prevailed.”
Marape acknowledged the MPs who had made the call to stop holding the country to ransom.
“What we can achieve at the close of 2020 and what politics can do in the close of 2020 financial and business year and 2021 is expected to start off in a hard prospect because of the economic contractions taking place globally as a result of Covid-19.
“Sanity did prevail in some of our senior leaders taking control of the situation. I pay respect to Sir John Pundari and his team who felt that they needed to put a stop to this unnecessary play prolonging the political tension.
“I also acknowledge Bulolo MP Sam Basil and his team and all the 18 MPs who finally said enough was enough.
“We kept an open dialogue and these brothers who are standing with me have also been keeping an open conversation with us.”
Marape admitted that he was not “perfect” as a prime minister.
“I am not a perfect PM. I possibly made some mistakes. Some of the MPs who left came back and pointed out the areas that I needed to improve on.
“If there were any areas I needed to improve on as prime minister, then I’m here to be corrected, advised and counseled and for us to do better going forward.”


  • The action of Sam Basil and John Pundari is disgraceful as mandated leaders. However, congratulations to Marape for surviving the VONC!

  • Good on PMJM, you are the leader who admits to be corrected from mistakes.Just humble yourself and learn from those mistakes and work honesty to restore this nation.

    Thank you all you members for coming back to the Government side for the common goal to serve this beautiful country PNG. God bless you all.

  • Ol leader blo ol manmeri play leadership blo ol olsem marbel. Bihainim tait, giaman bagarapim arapla narapla na kam join bung ken.
    Waist of time, resources and money.

  • Well done, to to you all leaders who through your wisdom have come back to join the the Government of the people of this country of PNG. Your coming back is not a mistake it is a biblical scenario ‘the prodigal son’ Papa stap yu mas kam back na tok sore na bai yu kisim hamamas. We the lowly PNGuineans want you our political leaders, to put God first in everyday activity, whether politics or family and we we walk together as a Christian nation to bring glory to God in what we do with a hear of compassion. Congatulations PMJM!

  • Its disgraceful in all Papua New Guinea to see Sam Basil and other MPs jumping from one end to other. Why making a childish move all MPs and jumping to opposition side with wide open hanging jaw pouring out lies against PM JM. Please use your God given conscience before moving.
    We need services not tussling for power to change and save your face for 2022.
    Let alone JM continue its Prme Ministership and PM never allow those deflected back to govt side to have portfolios. Let them spectate and those who are faithful must have the portfolios.

  • simply power hungry ..SB.. “one for thaught” , what if the opposite happened at crown hotel , the nomination of alternative Pm..would SB move to government??????

    • West Kange, truly agree with you.

      I don’t think Sam Basil will move back to the Government side at all if he was nominated as alternate Prime Minister.

  • We were expecting this to happen. There were about 4 MPs at Crown vying for the PMs post. If SB was voted as the alternate PM, Pruaitch will still move out to join the government. If Oneil was voted as the alternate PM, then he will not be fulfilling his promises that lured the government MPs to opposition and still there will be cracks. So we expected this to happen and it happened.

  • Sorry lo BN na wantok PP …go back to Sandaun province serve your people. There has never been any changes since independence.

    • Thats very true Dds, both BN and PP should now focus their time and energy in developing their electorates. As a result of the lack of development in their electorates, their people are crossing the border at will to Indonesia to source goods and services. The road network and links in sandaun are very poor.

  • The government is maker of the law and they can break their own laws. Maybe they are 100% right. But If the 8 million of people Png (apart from 111 MPs in the Parliament today) are doing things illegally with anger and hatreds, the judgement of God is waiting and curse & crisis upon the MPs, their families and clan who break the constuitions. God can forgive those who are innocent. It is unusual within last 45 years ago.

  • We the people of PNG do not need constant instability and uncertainty by visionless and power-hungry leaders to the continuous quest for the PM’s post.

    Thank you to Hon. Sir John Pundari and Hon. Mr. Sam Basil and all the other right thinking MPs and leaders to move to the Government side to maintain the stability needed in the current Government, for the sake of this beautiful and diverse nation of ours.

    I applaud you all Honourable Members for listening to the wishes and cries of your people.

    To God be the glory!

  • Thank the Almighty God for answering our prayers. Advice to Prime Minister James Marape. Continue to seek divine wisdom and guidance as steer the ship to 2022 General Elections.

    • How do you define a Visionary Leader ?
      A visionary Leader is one who ensures the vision becomes reality by stating clear goals, outlining a strategic plan for achieving those goals and equipping and empowering each member to take action on the plan at the organizational, team and individual levels.
      Why did the Leaders move to the opposition in the first place ? don’t they have the guts to think and act like visionary Leaders and iron out issues with the PMJM. Is this what you call visionary Leaders ? “WHAT A HOGWASH”.

  • Basil is actually after the pm seat. When is was not given, he then thinks about saving himself not to be cut out from DSIP funds before 2021. Also before moving to opposition he made a huge transfer of funds to his party members which is under investigation. If JM is serious with RP they will continue the investigation.

  • PM JM ,,admitting of wrong doings is more than anything else.. thank you for what you have done.PM ,don’t give any portfolio to those mps going to and fro. sapos you giving, they going to spoil your soup.. thank you.

  • They did the right thing so please don’t angry and hurt yourself.

    That was truly a Divine intervention.

    • Yes I agree they did the right thing by going back to the Government, but truly they are a bunch of COWARDS.

  • I salute sir John Pundari for playing this game so well. As an experienced MP he knows PMJP is the right PM for our time in history, he knows too well the very best way to play it, there was no way in hell he was going to throw PMJM under the bus.

    PMJP knew all alone the game plan so he was not tripping the entire time. Hopefully Basil, Belden and Patrick learned their lesson today to not count their chickens before they are hatched.
    I hope that PMJM will run the country with courage and without fear.

  • Good morning Papua New Guinea, It was very interesting event took place during the Parliament sitting, Opposition crossing over to the Government site.
    I want PMJM and his members to take note of this and all Christians all around the country. Regarding my visions.

    In my first vision:I saw someone pulled out chair from PO and it came to pass. PMJM took over his PM seat.
    In my second vision: I I saw BN put neck tie around his neck but neck tie became too short and I have already explained that country is too big for BN and he will not become PM.

    In my Third vision: I saw PMJM’s young daughter ran towards her mother and asked her mother to CANCELLED HER NAME.This vision was interpreted by someone in this group but I can’t remember who the person was. Anywhere, this vision simply meaning that those who moved from the Government and joined Opposition cancelled their names and moved back to Government site again.It came to pass.

    I have still one vision outstanding.In this vision, I saw an old man went over and put neck tie around PO neck. This means PO will come back to Power again at any time sooner or later.
    I am telling the leaders of this country, God of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob is with us and the same God is speaking.I am very simple ordinary person but God spoke to me and saying that he will direct me to the great leaders of this country.Please stay with me and follow the Gods instructions to avoid confusions.
    Thank you people of PNG, we can continue praying to God that his will be done for nation of Papua New Guinea.
    God bless Papua New Guinea.

  • Enough of going to court to enrich your powerful lawyers.
    Can all MPs go back to your electorate and distribute some Christmas presents to your people who really needs you before the financial year ends.
    My thanks to those MPs who crossed back to our government, your move is history and a win for PNG.
    Congratulation to PMJM to remain in power.
    I wish you all MPs both Government and opposition a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.
    May our Heavenly Father bless and guide us all through this festival season.


  • PM JM ,,admitting of wrong doings is more than anything else.. thank you for what you have done.PM ,don’t give any portfolio to those mps going to and fro. sapos you giving, they will gona spoil soup.. thank you.

  • Thank you Rocky, God bless you and your family.You are real believer, you believe in what God said.

  • Tougher law regarding political parties and member alignment must be introduced. Moving to and fro in the floor is done on the back of tax payers money has cost us a lot and at the same time causing too much instability resulting in the CEO of the nation watching over his back every now and then and loosing focus. Party strength should be determined by a number list and not the physical members. When a member decides to resign from a a party, he should also be removed as an MP thus a by election ensued. Do away with independent MPs coz they are the main cause of instability.

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