Organisation aims to help families of fallen officers

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The National, Friday October 18th, 2013


AN organisation established to help the families of police officers who die in the course of duty is having a Christmas raffle to raise funds.

The ‘Police Legacy’ is an initiative of the former commissioner Sir Illa Geno and the late Paul Tasion.

Board members include former police commissioner Graham Ainui, with Sir Illa as chairman 

Executive officer Sophie Sari said the core purpose of the Legacy was to honour fallen members of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary by helping to the spouses and children.

“When a police officer dies, Police Legacy is there to help the legal spouse and children who are left behind,” Sari said.

“The Legacy recognises the important role police officers’ families play in supporting the officers in their occupation.

“Not only financially, but we seek to maintain the bond that exists among police families that is so often severed when an officer dies.”

Sari said two auctions were held to raise funds, with the second one raising K36,000.

“The money that we raise will be used exclusively for the purposes mentioned and, of course, from time to time, policing and administering the legacy.”

Sari  said they aimed to sell 4,000 tickets before the draw on Dec 20.

“Anyone interested in buying tickets can contact me on 7302 0094 or email me on Police Legacy.”

“I am appealing to the public to please come forward and purchase tickets as your money is for a good cause,” Sari said.

Prizes in the raffle are a motor trike (trailer/passenger motorbike), a 40-horse-powered out-board motor and a 5kv generator for first to third respectively.