Our doctors and teachers are selfish

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday, May 16, 2011

YEAR in year out we see doctors and teachers going on strike for more pay and when their demands are met, their work rate remains under par.
The doctors are not always there when we go to hospitals to seek treatment.
Patients are forced to wait for hours before we get to see the doctors.
Sometimes, many of us are sent back by nurses with painkillers without getting a chance to see the doctors.
Furthermore, many of our doctors refuse to work in the remote areas where their expertise is needed most.
They gave all sorts of excuses as to why the government should not bring in Cuban doctors who are willing to work in remote areas.
I must say our doctors are most selfish.
Our teachers are no better than the doctors. Many of them do not teach in the remote areas.
They go there to sign their resumption forms and then leave for towns to collect their pay.
In the meantime, many of our professional people engineers, surveyors, architects, accountants, lawyers and National Academic Staff (NASA), who are not that well paid either, go about doing their jobs.
Without this group of professionals, there will be no roads, bridges, business plans and churning out of university gra­duates.
You hardly hear any complaints from this group.
We all signed an oath to serve in chosen profession honestly and diligently.
And that is what we do.


Bush Masta Mak
Via email