Owers Corner road to be upgraded

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THE road leading to Owers Corner will be upgrade prior to the commencement of the Kokoda Track trekking season in April.
The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) is seeking competitive quotes for the supply of gravel and for the shaping of the 16.2km road from Depot to Owers Corner.
This repair work will be done in two stages:
* To make the road more usable in times of wet weather, including repairing two timber bridges along the way; and
* To carry out major repairs along the road starting later this year.
Stage one of the project is to upgrade the first 11.2km as an all weather road in time for the start of the trekking season.
Stage two (subject to further funding) will focus on the development of the entire road into an all weather road with an ongoing maintenance programme in partnership with the Central provincial government.
These works are part of the key elements of the recently announced “Kokoda Safety Package”, an initiative of the PNG and Australian governments.