PAC inquiry to resume next month


THE Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will resume its inquiry into the Health Department’s procurement, supply and distribution of medicine on Feb 6.
Committee chairman Sir John Pundari confirmed this yesterday after being given K1 million by Finance Minister Rainbo Paita as the Government’s support for the inquiry.
Sir John said it was the first time the Government had paid such an amount directly to the PAC.
“I would like to thank the Government for showing that it really cares about the people of this nation,” he said.
“This is the first time that the Government has recognised the significance and importance of parliamentary committees.”
Sir John said some of the committee’s investigations required technical analyses which cost money.
The committee has also notified Government institutions which will appear before it this year.
The next inquiry will be on the Education Department.
Paita said the Government would continue to support the PAC.
“We appreciate what PAC is doing, bringing to light some of the issues that were not really addressed.”
Paita said parliamentary committees were important and should be funded well.


  • That’s right inquiries without any action taken is a waste of time and money. So chairman and VC make sure to terminate those found guilty in one way other. Even if you think that it’s not major how those minor wrong doing will grow overnight and destroy the good ones.

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