PAC must probe UOG

Letters, Normal

THE result of recent survey carried out by the Public Accounts Committee on State institutions and organisations is alarming.
The lack of appropriate systems and unaccounted spending of taxpayers’ money is shocking.
It is clear due processes and procedures are not being followed.
The New Zealand government has stopped funding the women in agriculture scholarship to a State institution recently because of the management’s failure to compile timely accruals as required.
We are now hearing University of Goroka students calling for the Vice-Chancellor and his two deputies to step aside, citing among others malpractices in conducting council meetings, selection of students, recruitment of staff and the turnover of senior academics in the last 10 years.
Instead of working towards addressing students’ grievances and restoring taxpayers’ confidence, the stand taken by the administrators has caused the crisis to be prolonged.
The UOG’s academic year is now on the line.
I call on the Minister for Higher Education to step in and resolve the matter and the Public Accounts Committee to appoint an investigation team to audit UOG between 2006 and 2009.

Yalmapir Bari Gawame