Paita doing great for for a first-time MP


FINSCHHAFEN MP and Finance Minister Rainbo Paita is the best performing minister in the Government.
He is a first-time parliamentarian but his performance is exceptionally superb.
He was behind the curtain and worked under the radar to help push and topple the former government.
His charismatic leadership and negotiations at the highest political level has earned him a ministry.
The communication and government business portfolio was his first ministerial post.
During his tenure as the communication minister, he vouched to lower the high internet rates and costs.
His move was well received by the business community and Papua New Guinea.
Paita’s prompt action to curb the rising internet and data rates from telecommunication companies has brought in a sigh and relief for many.
His notable performance has got him elevated to his current role as the finance minister.
As a rookie in parliament, he performed his role without hesitation.
He revitalised the financial payment systems.
His digitalisation and modernisation ideas have helped in the smooth transactions of government payment systems.
Apart from his ministerial duties, his significant performance in his electorate is obvious.
He has negotiated and built a K30 million Finschhafen Highway to link the electorate.
This is a bonus of a first-timer to achieve such a milestone in this short space of time.
Those who don’t know him will speculate about his achievements .
But let me share some light on him.
He was a school president in Goroka Secondary School in 2006.
He was very mature and even had time for every student even despite his hectic schedules.
It was not a surprise when he was elected SRC president at the University of PNG in 2010.

Maru Igabi